NYC Headshots

My name is Andrew and I am a professional headshot photographer located in New York City. I pride myself in creating beautiful headshots that show industry professionals who you are as both a person and an artist. As a working actor and a photographer I have seen first hand the difference a photograph can make in getting you that initial audition. That image is a first impression and we want it to say a lot. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? That is why finding a great photographer is so important and an invaluable investment in yourself and your career. I take on the stressful stuff while you relax and enjoy the process, allowing me to capture images that radiate intention, confidence, and ease. I am frequently in contact with different talent agencies in New York City regarding what is desired in a headshot and have also found my own secret sauce when it comes to making that headshot work for you.

Creating a fun, safe, and trusting work environment is essential to capturing standout images for a headshot. I love to crank up the music, crack some jokes and maybe even bust a move. After all, if we aren't having fun, we are doing something wrong! So, I always have clients bring in a music playlist that fits you and your style so we can jam out your way while we capture your new shots. We'll get the good vibes going when you book your session with me today.

EDITORIAL, Lifestyle & portrait PHOTOGRAPHY

NYC Portraits

For those wanting a fun, creative, collaborative, and stylized photo session I have curated portrait packages to suit whatever your needs may be. Need to update your website showcasing photos that show your spunky personality and approachability? I got you covered. Are you an aspiring model looking to add commercial, editorial, or documentary style photos to your portfolio? Are you an actor looking to get more social media content that showcases your style, personality, and look? Or, are you just a normal person wanting to have a blast in studio with a camera on you as you live your best supermodel life? I got you, I got you, I got you.

Each session is specifically catered to fit each of your needs and visions. Don't worry about posing or being "photogenic". I believe each person that steps in front of my camera is beautiful and can be captured in the way they have always dreamed. My movement based posing will help ground you and give you the confidence to say yes to any idea that comes into your head. Together we collaborate to create truly stunning images that feel like the "you" you are and the "you" you always want to be.



My session with Andrew was absolutely fun and comfortable! We were efficient, I trusted his expertise and eye when it came to pushing the boundaries and getting the shot! I could spend all day in a studio with Andrew. He provides cueing, a safe space and never stops firing the camera! Trust me…you’ll get the shots you want.

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