"Thank you SO MUCH for these- I love them and my agents love them. Truly so grateful- I had so much fun!!!!"


"Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! I'm seriously floored with how amazing these turned out. It was such a joy to shoot with you!"


Andrew is an actor’s DREAM photographer. Being an actor himself, he just *gets it.* From finding different angles to deciding on looks to portraits to headshots to editing, he is an incredibly skilled photographer and impressive artist. Andrew is down to earth, and knows exactly how to capture a perfect shot through cheeky humor and connecting to his clients. He was incredibly patient and supportive throughout my session, and I cannot recommend him enough!


"WOW!! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm so in love with how these turned out!! I had such a blast the day of the shoot, and I have not shut up about how great you were!"


My session with Andrew was absolutely fun and comfortable! We were efficient, I trusted his expertise and eye when it came to pushing the boundaries and getting the shot! I could spend all day in a studio with Andrew. He provides cueing, a safe space and never stops firing the camera! Trust me…you’ll get the shots you want.


My session with Andrew was honestly more of a party than business! Not only were the shots everything I wanted and more, but the process and actual shoot could not have been easier. Andrew cultivated an incredibly relaxed and comfortable environment in the studio, while also providing direction and collaboration to achieve what I wanted out of the session. I cannot recommend Andrew enough! Thank you, Andrew!!!
Until the next one 💛


Working with Andrew was one of the best photoshoot experiences I've ever had. He brings a winning combination of creativity, skill and positivity to every shoot. His openness and collaborative nature allows for a welcoming environment that makes you feel that you are both creating together. Andrew is one of the most positive people I know and with that infectious positivity he makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera that every shot exudes confidence and power. (keep reading) ---->

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Andrew is hands down the best headshot photographer I’ve worked with in the city. Not only is his work fantastic but he is wonderful to work with, he creates a completely comfortable and fun environment for his sessions. As an actor himself Andrew also knows how to work with actors in a way that feels natural, I immediately felt that I was in good hands. I couldn’t recommend Andrew more highly!


“ I had the best time! It was my first time taking real headshot since moving to NY and a session with Andrew had the perfect Mixture of professionalism and comfortability. If you want to laugh at cheesy jokes, listen to good music and so happen to have beautiful photographs taken of you, Andrew’s the guy! "


"I wasn't expecting to feel that
comfortable with someone I haven't met. I have social anxiety so it meant a lot that it was such a safe and easy space. Plus the shots that I've seen I love!! You're awesome!"


"Thank you for being so willing to dive in and help me make something I generally dread doing into something personal, creative, and team-led."